June 23, 2011

safari inspired

Shirt: ZARA / Pants: ZARA / Sandals: H&M / Satchel: CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL COMPANY / Cuff: H&M / Sunnies: GUCCI

Some days ago I paid a visit to the McArthur Glen, a new designer outlet village in Athens full of high street brands and designer clothes.. Of course, most of you are familiar with that name because it is already known across UK and Europe.. So I put on my "safari" uniform and explored this place!
Great stores and even more great places to eat were ready to be discovered as you was walking through the beautiful neoclassical village.. I finally found myself into Kalogirou store trying a lot of designer shoes and I was SO close to buy my favorite PRADA transparent heels (not those ones in the photo above) I was craving for since last year but there wasn't the right size for me.. Pity!

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  1. Great outfit! Love your shirt, your satchel and your cuff! :)
    I've heard about McArthur Glen, but haven't visited it yet. Maybe the next time I'll come to Athens, I'll pay a visit...

  2. Tuxeri pou eisai!!! Otan tha eimai Athina, tha pao k ego!!! Latrevo auto to stil pou foras: to poukamiso fainetai toso aneto, kai ta sandalia sou? TELEIA! H tsanta sou einai FANTASTIC kai to braxioli sou super ''Greec-chic''. Eisai mia koukla k mou aresei ta malia!
    Filia apo Kriti!

  3. first of all i love your safari outfit! It looks so comfy!
    autos o topos fenete telios!! krima pou den vrikes ta prada shoes pou itheles!

  4. τελεια μαλλια ! εισαι πολυ σικ !

  5. Chic outfit akrivos!zilepsa ta pedilakia!!!

  6. love your outfit especially the satchel!!! xoxo
    if you want take a look at my blog...i'd really appreciate it!

  7. Lovely outfit, so classy and simple, and the pop of color from the satchel is just so lovely! :)

    Lubna | ELLEVOX

  8. teleia i tsanta!!!to xroma tis apisteuto!!!!


  9. Love your style! Photos are amazing. So happy to follow you!


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