November 30, 2011

new month, new needs

1. Proenza Schouler PS1. So unique.
2. Marni for H&M collaboration. I'm SO into this collaboration and smthg tells me shoes are going to be a huge success!
3. Zara Boots. Looking everywhere for these babies but still no luck at all.
4. Louboutin Pigalle. THE shoes.
5. Macbook. My laptop is very slow lately that makes me thinking about upgrading it.
6. Miu Miu wallet. Really need a new wallet

When I want to buy something I write it down with the result that fluo-colored post-it are all over my desk.
I decided to make a wish list feature which is displayed on the side of my blog so I can organize the mess and cross out easily whatever I finally did manage to buy.

xx Chara

November 27, 2011

h&m ss12

(last photo taken by Stephanie)

Mohair jumper: H&M / Cap: VERSACE FOR H&M

picture is worth a thousand words and in this case.. many pictures!
Bright colors, loose style fittings, Japanese inspired pieces and basic accessories.
All these are included in H&M SS 2012 collection and I know already I'm going to give in to the white clothes' perfection.

xx Chara

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November 26, 2011

house of pallas

Leather jacket: ZARA / Velvet dress: ZARA / Purse: H&M / Tights: HOUSE OF HOLLAND / Wedges: TOPSHOP

As I told you before, 4FASHIONSHAKE is a unique projects with events that get better and better by time.
The last one was a great success with names as Katie Eary, Shaun Samson, Anouk Kruithof, Montwary & Mastori Studio, Digitaria and Vladimir Karaleev presenting their work in excellent made short films and live shows.
Last but not least, Absolut Vodka's drinks were there to made our night even better (you know I'm a fan LOL)

Katie Eary 

Shaun Samson

Vladimir Karaleev


 Montwary & Mastori Studio

 Anouk Kruithof

 (Thanks for the last three photos, Stephanie!)

xx Chara

November 24, 2011

4fashionshake preview

OZON magazine holds the best events in town! 
This time it was the 4FASHIONSHAKE, a fashion project which connects fashion with art and allows young fashion designers to introduce their work in a more artistic way.
Unfortunately it's like pie in the sky for me to edit so many photos right now as I barely keep my eyes open, so I leave you with a preview. 
Nighty night guys!

xx Chara

November 23, 2011

fashion room service

1 hotel, 18 rooms, 18 fashion designers and labels. That's the Fashion Room Service by Ozon magazine.
And here are some of my favorite designers in order of appearence:
ΣΟΜΦ, μπορντ // ντε λό, Alexis Barrell, Sotiris Georgiou, Georgina Skalidi.

xx Chara 

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