February 27, 2012


Knitted jumper: SFERA / Leather leggings: H&M / Loafers: TOPSHOP / Snakeskin bag: H&M / Leather hat: LIU JO (from Starbags)

There's nothing better than feeling comfy in the clothes you're wearing.. That's my motto!

Kali sarakosti!
xx Chara

February 22, 2012

warm me up

Fur gilet: VERO MODA JEANS / Pants: BADILA / Snakeskin pumps: BERSHKA / Necklace: SFERA

Here I am, playing safe in neutral tones from head to toe.

xx Chara

February 17, 2012

made from imagination

Some of the most creative personalities unleashed their own creative vision on the Eastpak backpack. I really loved the ones by Selios Koudounaris, Al Giga, Konstantinos Rigos, Dimosthenis Serketzis and Georgina Skalidi. By buying these customised bags you are helping Designers Against AIDS (DAA) organization.

xx Chara

February 15, 2012

bb loves me

ZBJ2Us on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Jacket: ZARA / Shirt: PRIMARK / Pants: BADILA / Boots: OYSHO 

To be honest, this post should be already posted during Valentine's day, but after a day full of duties, work and lessons I finally step into home at night. So, an hour after the day is over, I'm happy to share with you my new addiction: 
The BB cream by Garnier. 
I'm not -or to be correct, I wasn't- the kind of girl who wears make up or even moisturizing creams every morning 'cause I was feeling my face sticky and shinny. But after testing this BB cream, I have to say that I reconsidered; Not a heavy foundation but still is covering all the spots, LOVE it! 

xx Chara

February 8, 2012

extra shots

Top: ZARA / Jacket: ZARA / Ring: YSL

Thanks Stephanie for the last two photos! :)

xx Chara

February 5, 2012


Yesterday I attended Fashion Live!, a new event presented by OZON magazine where daylong workshops and live fashion photoshoots took place. The purpose of the event was to give everyone the chance to live the experience of a real editorial.
Check the official page here.

xx Chara
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