April 30, 2011

1 year of blogging

If I'd say I remember the day that I published my first post like yesterday, I'd probably sound trite.. But it's true and I didn't realized how fast this year passed.. All in all, it was an amazing year!
Through this blog I had the chance to meet great people, watch amazing fashion shows, be part of important events and live even closer to my dreams.. I couldn't be more thankful about all these and of course thankful to everyone of you who stand by me by commenting and following!! It means the world to me..

PS: As Rai said that I should have shared my Lucky Magazine feature, you can find all my features here


April 26, 2011


1. Casual outfit (photo by Stephanie) / 2. West Coast Cooler event / 3. A nice gift by Maroula / 4. New H&M hat / 5. Calvin Klein presentation / 6. Lanvin shop window

I just got back from my village where I spent some time with my family.. Actually I had few days detoxification from my computer and my cell phone (oh yes, I was foolish enough to forget my phone at home).. Now I need to detoxify my body too because I ate too much.. Damn! I just can't resist my grandma's food..

xronia polla

April 19, 2011

and it's coming closer..

(photos: AlessiaStephanie)

Blazer: ZARA / Jeans: REPLAY / Pumps: BERSHKA / Bag: ZARA / Crystal Bra

Yeah I know.. You've seen this blazer already, but I'm addicted.. This time I combined it with black trying to achieve an edgier look.. What's more, I wore for the very first time the crystal bra.. Love love love it..


April 18, 2011


I was spotted by Stephanie at the 4FASHIONSHAKE III party, which took place at SHOP Ermou and was organized by OZON magazine, trying on one of my obsessions.. I love hats in every style and every color! 
You can see my whole outfit here..


April 14, 2011

the barn swallow

Shirt: ASOS / Boots: ZARA

I've already expressed my love about swallows in this post and as you can see I keep buying every piece of clothing I find with this print.. The next step will be a tattoo (hope soon)..


April 10, 2011

the fitting room

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.. 
Every time I step into a ZARA store, the first thing that comes to my mind is to try on these shoes but I never end up buying them.. What's wrong with me anyway?


April 7, 2011

h&m presentation: the people

LopiKristen & her amazing JF Litas bellow

Blazer & Jeans: ZARA / Denim Shirt: STRADIVARIUS / Loafers: TOPSHOP / Bag: DKNY 
As I already said here there was another collaboration for H&M.. It's the one with the shoe label Swedish Hasbeens which will be available from 20th April in three different styles of wooden-soled clogs.. And I'm glad to have these babes home with me before they hit the stores.. Really can't wait to wear them.. Summer come sooner please!

This Saturday I'm going to attend West Coast Cooler Girls Lounge at Athens Metro Mall where there will be a team of make up artists and manicurists to take care of our appearance.. It's a great opportunity to spoil ourselves for a day and learn about new trends while we can taste the West Coast Cooler drinks.. So if you are in Athens, don't miss the chance and pass by between 12:00-20:00.. 


April 6, 2011

h&m presentation: the clothes

Yesterday I was invited to the H&M showroom for an exclusive presentation of four different collections that will be launched soon.. I had an amazing time there and I fell in love with almost every piece.. 
I have to start saving money because my wish-list is huge!

I'm pretty sure that you are familiar with the "Consious Collection".. Everything is made of natural and recyclable materials in white and beige tones.. Actually, this summer I'm going to wear all-white outfits all the time and this collection is just perfect for me.. So can't wait until 14th April!

The next collection we were introduced to was the "Wateraid" one which is a collaboration with the international charity WaterAid and is going to hit the stores in May.. Apart from the clothes, this collection includes little gadgets, like umbrellas and thermos..

Last but not least, the athletic unisex collection "Fashion Against Aids".. The collection is available in the Divided department from 28th April and 25% of sales will be donated to youth HIV projects..

The last pictures are about accessories that are already available in stores.. These stone rings are beautiful, aren't they?
I'll tell you about the last collection/collaboration tomorrow because this post is already too big! You are going to love it!


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