June 30, 2011

h&m opening

It's always a pleasure hearing that my favorite brands are opening more and more stores in Athens because it's easier to have a small shopping spree in between appointments all around town.. This time the latest addition to H&M family was at The Mall Athens -better late than never- and we had the chance to celebrate the event through a press preview with a lot of surprises (and champagne!) while Themis Georgantas was rocking the place with his music choices..
The store is quite big and minimal in white shades and you can find from basic to fashion-forward pieces of the womenswear collections..
Also, I was glad to have a little chat with Margareta Van Den Bosch, the creative advisor of H&M.. She was very kind and she gave me some hints about their collaboration with Versace.. We are going to see a lot of fresh, yet sexy clothes by leather and colorful prints.. Plus there will be a great range of accessories too! 



  1. LOVE h&m. i'm glad you're getting more access to it :) i spent many many hours picking through their summer collection here in nyc. love the blog!


  2. legendary H&M..amazing post =)

  3. Wow what a great insight you got there to their new stuff. I love H&M and it looks like you had loads of fun.

  4. agapame h&m!!!!poli oraio post!!!

  5. I spotted a really nice skirt in your pics!
    H&M opened one more store here in Thessaloniki too. I have to visit it soon.

  6. I saw this great DRESS in the first picture(the one in the tallest koukla)!!!! Eisai poli tuxeri pou meneis stin Athina kai exeis tetoia events. kai pou milises me tin Margareta Van Den Bosch, kai pires simboules apo autin!
    POLI ORAIO POST! Theloume k alla tetoia! Eida kai to Lucas???o tragoudistis???

  7. Mou aresei i foni tou Lucas,alla den eimai fan!! Genika mou aresei to blog sou, exei mia sobarotita & freskada pou mou aresei!
    Filia kai kala mpania.pao stin Thalassa tora!!!

  8. Great post! Congrats on your newest shopping addition to Athens! Enjoy!

  9. so lovely! i like your blog, and those photos are great! and you write so nice. :')

    http://thepileofstyle.blogspot.com/ <--- MOI



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