June 17, 2011

need your help

Hey guys! It's been a while that I'm searching for a new camera to buy because I think it's time for some changes at my blog.. 
I would appreciate if you tell me what camera is your favourite and which one you use.. 
Should I prefer a GOOD camera body or a less good body combined with great lenses?

Thanks in advance!


  1. I use a NIKON camera with a big lens ! I'm happy with it !

    have you seen my latest post ?

  2. I will say Nikon D5000


  3. Egw den exw akoma DSLR kamera, pros to paron xrisimopoiw mia mikri Sony Cybershot, alla exw valei sto mati edw kai kairo tin Canon 550D...

  4. I think your preferences should be in what you want from the camera itself. Recently I've been looking at the olympus pen epl2 and then compare it with my nikon d40x... There's not really much a differences except for the HD video recording.
    I also explored further and found the canon s95 and it's quite comparable to the olympus pen, except it's a compact camera. But apparently shoots it raw as well!
    If I were to get a new camera it would probably be the canon s95... Why? Because it's compact, can shoot in raw, and I can bring that little sucker everywhere. It's one of the best in the market right now too.

    If you don't already have a good dslr like a nikon or canon, then I'd invest it getting a good model like some have mentioned already, and get a nice lens in the future!

  5. akoma den exeis pare slr! sa den drepesai! :P egw exw thn nikon d3000 htan apo tis pio oikonomikes, sou proteinw na 3ekinhseis me mia oikonomikh slr pou voleuei arketa gia arxarious kai meta na proxwrhseis se pio akrivh. fillakia! <3

  6. Aaaahh tough call! Ego xrisimopoio mia Canon 450D alla einai poly megali k dn me volevei na tin exo padou mazi mou, opote xrisimopoio k mia canon powershot g6, i opoia dn exei toses polles dynatotites. Dn tha sou proteina ti powershot, dedomenou oti esy thes na valeis k lenses sto mellon k auti dn pernei kan. Genika Canon Vs. Nikon psifizo Canon!

  7. Εγώ χρησιμοποιώ NIKON D5000 και είμαι
    super ευχαριστημένη!!!!
    καλή αναζήτηση...

  8. wii μπραβο μωρο, εγω θα παρω τα Χριστουγεννα μαλλον, γιατι τωρα λογω ΝΥ κομματακι δυσκολο! κοιτα ο αδερφος μου εχει την Nikon D 3100, και αγορασε επισης και εναν φακο, γιατι αυτος που ειχε μεσα ηταν πολυ μικρος..τιμη νμζω συνολο (με τον φακο) γυρω στα 800 ευρω ετσι χοντρικα! κ εγω αυτην θα παρω, νμζω κ εσενα θα σε βολεψει!αν δεις και τις φωτο απο ΝΥ αυτη χρησιμοποιουσα, και νμζω εκανε πολυ καλη δουλεια! και στα φασιον γουηκ επισης!!!!

  9. Nikon d90 with a 18-105mm lens and a 50mm f1.8 lens.

  10. Kai ego exo mia Sony Cybershot mikri kai thelo mia Canon!!!!!
    Latrevo megales cameres!!!

  11. This si a cool start up camera!
    Very similar to mine..

    I would rather spend money on a good lens like the Canon 50 mm 1.4
    It give really great quality and depth of field!

    Good Luck - great blog!


  12. h alhtheia einai pws enas kalos fakos einai shmantikos oso k to body.proswpika exw t canon 60d me 18-135mm lens.omws eimai prwtara opote g mena einai teleia h sugekrimenh.k genika eimai fan t canon opoteee....g mena kalutera n ependuseis se fako pantws..Good Luck....


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