July 26, 2012

EVENT: the new sLatchel

 You know I have got my teeth into Cambridge Satchel Company (here and here), so I'm a tough judge when it comes to other satchel bags.
But Lycsac, a Greek company, has created its own sLatchels and they are pretty good. They are quite affordable and mainly made from plasticated canvas.
Oh! And a little birdy told me that a Union Jack version is going to come out soon!

xx Chara


  1. apla yperoxes!!!
    thelw mia twra!!!

  2. Oh I really like sachels. I bought mine a month ago and I use it every day.
    Take a look at it here--->http://prettynyummy.blogspot.gr/2012/07/trends-scouting-satchel-bag.html
    its pastel and reminds me of kindergarten!


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