July 18, 2012

EVENT: korres reality

 Do you remember when we were kids and visited big factories during school years? I just had a similar experience yesterday..
Korres team invited me among many other bloggers to explore their facilities and know more about their history.
You probably already know that Korres is a cosmetic brand that insists in the natural side of the products by using herbals and Greek yogurt. But let me tell you how the story begun. 
In 1992 George Korres opened his first pharmacy and some years later the brand was born as we know it today. Since then everyone can find Korres all over the world, inside great shopping malls, such as Harvey Nichols.
The products are made carefully, with every single detail to be taken seriously into consideration, and the factory has modern equipment to help the smooth operation.
I think that's why people love this brand, and that's why I do too.

Thank you so much all for this unique experience, I had a great time there!

xx Chara


  1. agaphmeno brand!apo tis kaluteres kremes proswpou t omologw!prepei n htan teleia :) oi photos einai super.

  2. wow this is a eally cool post! korres is one of my fav brands and so nice to see behind the scene photos :) wish korres was easier to find in australia but i get to stock up when i go to greece :)

  3. Very interesting field trip! For me their No1 product is nail polish. The colors are incredible!!!


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