September 27, 2011

harrods x chanel

Knowing that Chanel took over Harrods I just had to visit it during my stay in London. 
The famous double C symbol was everywhere: from the outside of the building to a special landscaped area on the third floor where you could walk by every milestone in Chanel's history through eight different rooms. 
My favorite ones were the "2.55 room", the one designed to make you feel like you were on the red leather inside of the bag, and the other one with the No5 perfume short film. 
Great installations, great presentation, great experience!



  1. sounds so cool! think i might go if its still going on :)

  2. Oh my god how fabulous, I must visit soon

    Eda ♥

  3. you where in London??!!? lucky you! Chanel in harrods sounds amazing especially the room which made you feel like you where in the bag!
    did you take any photos?

  4. This looks amazing, I love harrods :)


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