November 26, 2010

Shopping Spree @ Toi&Moi

for the e-shop that is about to be launched..
Today I went at the store to spend my 100 euro gift voucher on some of the pieces I liked.. 
Couldn't be more happy!! 
(You can find the addresses of the stores here)
Oh and don't forget to mention that
Toi&Moi is collaborating with ESSIE!
So you can find your favorite nail polishes at the stores..

PS: You'll find out what it's in the bag soon!! ;)


1 comment:

  1. oh i beg toi&moi to open a store in the centre of thessaloniki!!

    i loooovvveee their clothes!

    what's the price of essie nail polish? the one of the on line shop (12,5) or the price we can foung in beauty salons(10)?


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