November 11, 2010

Christoforos Kotentos Showroom

What can I say now?
I am a huge fan of Christoforos Kotentos and I admire his work..
His clothes are unique with perfect details and made by great fabrics..
So I couldn't be more excited when I heard that for a few days he opens his showroom 
and offers discounts up to 70%..
 The discounts last until 14/11.. So hurry up!

Showroom: Σαχτούρη 3, Ψυρρή



  1. I am a fan too..! I like the colors he uses.. He does extreme clothes with a touch of classic!

  2. wow! amazing pics girl! love all the pieces! ;D

  3. latreuw ton christophoro kontento einai enas polu talantouxos kai me foverh empneush sxediasths modas pou exei afhsei to stigma tou sthn ellhnikh moda k oxi mono..eisai para polu tuxerh pou eixes thn eukairia na ton gnwriseis...we love him! <3
    p.s love love love to leuko sakaki ths photos


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