August 8, 2012

LOOK: kolimbithres

Bikini top: H&M / Bikini pants: PULL&BEAR / Sunglasses: DSQUARED

Surrounded by rocks and light blue waters, my inner need to capture the moment was awake and it couldn't let me go.
Ladies and gentlemen, my teeny weeny bikini!

Oh, btw, this is the first time I gave in neon color trend.. Doesn't look so bad on my sun-kissed skin after all..

xx Chara


  1. τελειο mix & match! αυτα τα δυο μαγιο ταιριαζουν τοσο πολυ μεταξυ τους!! well done!
    Did you see my latest giveaway?

  2. Modelara mou esy!!!!!! Poly mareseis!!!!

  3. poly omorfes fotografies!
    k ta magiw ta tairiakses yperoxa!


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