June 20, 2012

EVENT: #firenze4ever

photos by me, G. Ebru, M. Lyritzi

Some weeks ago I received an email from Luisa Via Roma inviting me in Florence for the Fashion Super Heroes party and my jaws dropped. I just had to be there and I was!
The party was held on the top of the Nuovo Teatro dell' Opera, an amazing building with a breathtaking view of Duomo. A lot of stylish people attended the event and I had the chance to meet other bloggers and make new friends. 
Firstly we were introduced to Karl Lagerfeld's line and after midnight the party started getting wild with a live concert, drinks and endless dancing.
More photos to come...

xx Chara


  1. I was there too!!! =] xoxox


  2. I was there too :) I'm following you, visit my blog if you want :)

  3. oh I was there too and I actually remember seeing you and your friend!!


  4. Lucky girl! Gia pes mas perissoteres leptomeries!
    Sou esteilan apla ekeinoi email, 'i eixes parei kapws meros? Poli tha 'thela na paw kai egw kapoia stigmi!

  5. I love your guys shoes, and it looks so sexy on my eye! Why do not you try some men's contrast leather jackets or the high quality hooded down jacket men for yours friends?


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