February 15, 2012

bb loves me

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Jacket: ZARA / Shirt: PRIMARK / Pants: BADILA / Boots: OYSHO 

To be honest, this post should be already posted during Valentine's day, but after a day full of duties, work and lessons I finally step into home at night. So, an hour after the day is over, I'm happy to share with you my new addiction: 
The BB cream by Garnier. 
I'm not -or to be correct, I wasn't- the kind of girl who wears make up or even moisturizing creams every morning 'cause I was feeling my face sticky and shinny. But after testing this BB cream, I have to say that I reconsidered; Not a heavy foundation but still is covering all the spots, LOVE it! 

xx Chara

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  1. Thanks for sharing darling

    Eda ♥



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