November 30, 2011

new month, new needs

1. Proenza Schouler PS1. So unique.
2. Marni for H&M collaboration. I'm SO into this collaboration and smthg tells me shoes are going to be a huge success!
3. Zara Boots. Looking everywhere for these babies but still no luck at all.
4. Louboutin Pigalle. THE shoes.
5. Macbook. My laptop is very slow lately that makes me thinking about upgrading it.
6. Miu Miu wallet. Really need a new wallet

When I want to buy something I write it down with the result that fluo-colored post-it are all over my desk.
I decided to make a wish list feature which is displayed on the side of my blog so I can organize the mess and cross out easily whatever I finally did manage to buy.

xx Chara


  1. gia marni permeno k ego papoutsia.tha ginei xamos. ta botinia ontos prepei na ta vroume. ta pigalle mou prokaloun taxupalmia. xreiazesai ontos kainourio laptop k wallet hehe

  2. I want the pigalle too! I have been dreaming about them for a looong time now, but every time I collect the proper amount of money to get them, they are sold out! :( The bag is amazing! Hope Santa brings you all of these for Christmas!

    Out Of The Box

  3. Love the Louboutins.

    Eda ♥

  4. beautiful blog!!!!i'm following you!!!

  5. i am really excited about marni too :)

  6. The ZARA boots are SO GREAT!!! Kai ego thelo tetoies!!!! Love your choices!!


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