March 16, 2011

let' s talk about toi&moi

In my last post I let you guess what my visit at Toi&Moi showroom was about.. Today it's time to reveal the secret.. Sooo.. I was asked to be filmed in a short video and talk about the Spring / Summer collection and analyze the trends.. I searched every single hanger there with the whole new collection and to be honest it was quite difficult for me to choose between all these amazing pieces.. Really guys.. Some pieces are stuck in my mind, as well as in my wish list.. Hope you'll like the video (there are two: one in English and one in Greek) and let me know what you think!
**Special thanks to Theodora and Konstantinos for the great time we had and the edit of the video..



  1. γλυκιααα μου, που ντρεπεσαι και λιγο !!!! εισαι τελεια!μαρεσουν πολυ τα ρουχα που επελεξες και νομιζω πως πρεπει να επισκεφτω τα toi-moi λιαν συντομως..ιδιως το παντελονι το ροζ το αγαπησα :D συγχαρητηρια κ πολλα μπραβο

  2. nice!!!

  3. 8a symfwnhsoume me th Stephanie, ta rouxa pou epelekses einai para poly wraia kai den perimename kati ligotero apo ta Toi&Moi. Panta exoun teleia rouxa gia ka8e typo swmatos. Oso gia to an ntrepesai 8a pou poume pws eisai poly glykia.. :)

    Filia xxx

  4. new trends? no, this is not fashion.


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