February 24, 2011

free yourself

I'm not the kind of person who prefers sportswear for everyday basis..
But there are days (when I'm going to the gym or when I'm ultimately bored to dress up) 
that I can't resist on a comfortable pair of shoes..
Actually I was a big fan of the "Waffle" model so far.. 
But after the presentation of the new NIKE FREE shoe that I attended, I reconsidered..
It's very well designed with innovative and flexible soles which replicate the benefits of barefoot training..
I'm thinking very seriously to write it down on my wish list..



  1. I can't agree more with you! I pass many days bored to decide what to wear! Especially when i wake up and go to te university i just wear my favorite grey bsb tracksuit and a hoodie! :D
    I feel sooooo relaxing and free! :D

  2. Totally agree with you!!!!
    I add them to my wishlist already!!! :-)


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