January 8, 2011

the black swan

This movie is definitely one of the best I've ever seen..
Actually it blew my mind away! Don't know if it was the cast or the direction..
I assume it was all together.. And most of all it was the costumes!!
Rodarte designed these amazing ballet costumes that had a very fresh touch, but still classic..
BUT I admired most the styling Amy Westcott did about the everyday outfits of a ballet dancer and the clothes they wear at the rehearsal..
I've always been fascinated to see how people with such self-control, such as ballerinas, 
dressed in their everyday life and this film presents it in the most objective way!



  1. I have heard that it is a great movie. Think I will watch it soon.

  2. yes!! loved this movie!

  3. What a great clip, such elegance even in the simple clothes they wear to rehearsal. Can't wait to see this movie!

  4. nice video....maybe i have to see the movie out of curiosity about that movie everyone is talking about

  5. i haven't seen the movie yet but that video makes me wanna!!
    nice post!!


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