December 14, 2010

Snow boots

I'm actually preparing my suitcase right now.. I'm leaving tomorrow night for Bansko for a few days..
But sadly I didn't find the ideal pair of snow boots..
These Chloe Chalora Moonboots from would be the best choice but were a little overpriced for me..
So I'm going to wear the boots I already have..
Do you think I'll freeze?


  1. It is impossible to find the ideal pair of apres-ski boots because they are ugly:P there is no such thing as "ideal snow boot" for a woman..they are so chunky..Your black ones are a m a z i n g, but you better wear thick don't want your fingers to freeze haha x

  2. Αν κ συνηθως μου φαινονται καπως χοντροκομμενες,αυτες ειναι οντως πολυ ωραιες!Ωραιο blog by the way :).Καλα να περασεις!!
    Υ.Γ.Ζηλευω τρομερααα :S


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