August 5, 2010


The view of the port from our room's balcony

 Well, I'm back.. I can't say that I'm happy about it; actually I'm really sad 'cause we had an AMAZING time at Ios and I wanted to stay more days.. I can't describe my feelings about this island.. Everyday was a party! 
Hot spots: Far Out, Shooters, Disco 69 and Bulldog (only for Greeks)
I'll say more about my holidays at Ios at the next posts.. And guys I'm sorry but the photos we took there weren't so about outfits.. I hope you understand! :)

Γύρισα από την Ίο και είμαι πολύ στεναχωρημένη.. Δεν μου έφτασαν οι μέρες, ήθελα να κάτσω κι άλλο εκεί.. Περάσαμε ΑΠΙΣΤΕΥΤΑ!! Κάθε μέρα και ένα πάρτυ!
Hot spots: Far Out, Shooters, Disco 69 and Bulldog (μόνο για μας τους Έλληνες)
PS: Ios I'll be back!!
Top: H&M / Shorts: BERSHKA / Flip Flops: HAVAIANAS / Bag: ZARA / Rings: ASOS & HARLEY-DAVIDSON   

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  1. It looks like you had the best trip ever!!!! Hope you got a nice suntan!!! THe boat looks like so much fun! Fabulous outfit! Love your blog!
    xo Beckerman Girls

  2. Thank u so much! It was actually! And we had the best time ever.. We <3 Ios!!


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