June 4, 2010

I Love..

 Watch: MICHAEL KORS / Necklace: OYSHO / Lip Gloss Palette: YSL LIMITED EDITION

Watch: VINTAGE / Silver Pendant: TOUS / Pendant: OYSHO

 Rings: H&M


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  1. nice jewellery!!
    your blog is awesome! are you a stylist?? that's so amazing, and you're only 19! I'm the same age, I wish I could be a stylist too! Right now I'm just studying :(

  2. I need that vintage watch<3
    It's amazing,where did you get it from?

  3. Great minds girl... I went for the MK5055 gold watch last year... Love the H&M pieces too!

    @ Augusta - Being a stylist is hard work, if you thrive in a stressy environment, work under pressure, have an eye for style, are excellent at communicating (getting samples, working well with photog/MUA's etc) & good with deadlines, then styling is for you. Trust me, don't have a break down when a Hollywood celeb tells you that the options you have pulled for their big event is a 'no-no'...
    Get as much experience with a talented stylist as you can and learn. The rewards and the buzz you get from a fantastic shoot to seeing your celeb at an awards ceremony given the thumbs up is truly rewarding.


  4. Fantastic, everything is great!

  5. @ All
    Thank you sweeties!

    @ Augusta
    Yes I am..;) I just wanted so much to be a stylist since I was kid! When I graduated from school I took lessons in a fashion school.. So here I am now..=P
    Good luck with studying! And make your dreams come true!

    @ Fenia
    This watch was from my father's collection actually.. I have one more like this one..
    Soon I will sell few items (+ the watch) so stay tuned..;)



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